Feb 19 2021

Building a Technicolour Bookshelf

Sofia Rathjen loves to read. But the Alberta Grade 8 student noticed something missing from the books at her school library. Not many characters look like her. Sofia is part European, part Latina, and part Afro-Colombian. She’s read lots of books about people of colour...


Oct 09 2020


People all look different. We come in all shapes and sizes. We have different genders and cultures. Our hair, eyes, and skin come in different colours. This diversity wasn’t always reflected in our books, movies, and ads. However, that’s finally starting to change....


Jun 12 2020

Read All About It!

Have you heard the news? J.K. Rowling has a brand-new story! It’s called The Ickabog. Don’t go looking for Harry or Hogwarts or a glimmer of magic. The Ickabog isn’t set in the Harry Potter universe. Don’t go looking for an actual book, either. Why? For now, this free...


Feb 14 2020

We Read Canadian

On February 19, people across the country will read books by Canadian authors. Why? It’s I Read Canadian Day. This brand-new day reminds us that Canadians write great books for young people. Canadian children’s books win tons of awards, all around the world. But over...


Jan 17 2020

The Paper Bag Princess Turns 40

Hands up if you’ve read The Paper Bag Princess. This timeless tale by Robert Munsch hit the shelves 40 years ago. It never grows old. It has the all ingredients of a typical fairy tale. A prince and a princess. A daring rescue. A fire-breathing dragon. But there’s a...


Ivy Manouchehri and Kristal Daniels performing for residents at Oakcrossing Retirement Home in London, Ontario. (Photo by Abby Plener via
Nov 09 2018

A “Grand-New” Idea

Cara Duncan, 23, is a student at McMaster University. Last year, she found a housemate using Symbiosis. It’s a housing program the university was piloting. The program asked her questions about her habits and personality. Then, she met her match – Lesly Adamson. Cara...


Oct 26 2018

Super-Size Me!

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes. Small ones make good pies. Big ones make great jack-o’-lanterns. But what about super-gigantic ones? They’re the perfect size for giant pumpkin contests. These contests are held at fall fairs across Canada and around the world....


May 11 2018

Hands Up!

The Girl Scouts have a new badge. It’s called the Raise Your Hand patch. It’s easy to earn. You don’t even have to be a Girl Scout. Just promise to raise your hand in class and get three friends to do the same. Raise your hand in class? Don’t students already do that?...


Feb 23 2018

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Katimavik is back! Hurray! Katimavik is an Inuktitut word. It means “meeting place.” It’s also a Canadian service program. The program is aimed at people 18 to 25. Over the past 40 years, 35,000 youth have participated. They’ve helped 1000 communities. The program has...


Dec 01 2017

Levi’s Levidromes

Have you ever heard of a “levidrome”? A boy from Victoria, B.C. invented the word. It’s so new, you won’t find it in the dictionary. Not yet, at least. Levi Budd is six. He loves to play with words. When he was four, he noticed something cool about Snakey Bob, his...


Sep 29 2017

“Becca Told Me To”

If you knew cancer would cut your life short, how would you like to be remembered? That’s the question 18-year-old Becca Schofield faced last year. Just before Christmas, doctors told the New Brunswick teen that her brain cancer was back. It was incurable. She had...


Jan 13 2017

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Canada’s having a birthday party. Everyone’s invited. Get ready for a year of celebrations across the country. After all, how often does a country turn 150? Canada wasn’t very big back in 1867. It consisted of just four provinces and three million people. But then...