A view of a chariot that was found in Civita Giuliana, north of Pompeii. (Parco Archeologico di Pompei/The Associated Press)
Apr 09 2021

Buried Treasure

In January, archaeologists discovered a Roman chariot near Naples, Italy. The large four-wheeled chariot was almost 2000 years old, but it was intact and beautifully decorated. How did it survive? Why is it in such perfect condition? It was found in Pompeii under...


Fossilized trackway in the P.E.I. National Park. (Photo credit: Patrick Brunet)
Dec 11 2020

Finding Fossil Footprints

About 290 million years ago, tetrapods scampered across Prince Edward Island. These early lizards left fossilized footprints in the red rock when it was just mud. Were they dinosaurs? No. These animals lived 100 million years before dinosaur days, in the Permian Period...


Sep 17 2020

Pop-up History Lessons

Look around your city or town. You’ll probably find some heritage plaques. On buildings and monuments. At parks and schools. They tell you about local history. In July, five new signs popped up around Toronto. They looked like heritage plaques. But they weren’t. These...


Feb 21 2020

Special Delivery

Fred Arsenault turns 100 next month. The Toronto veteran loves getting mail. So his son Ron planned a special birthday surprise. “He said he’d love to get some birthday cards,” says Ron. “So I thought, well, let’s get him some birthday cards.” He took a picture of his...


An artist’s rendering of the ancient rhino, by Julius Csotonyi via MSN.
Nov 18 2019

When Rhinos Roamed the Yukon

In 1973, a Yukon teacher scooped up a handful of shiny stones on a school field trip. Those “stones” were tooth and bone fragments. They are eight million years old. And the teeth belonged to an ancient rhino! The discovery almost didn’t happen. The teacher put the...


Sep 27 2019

The Great Canadian Cold Case

Canadian archaeologists played “I Spy” on two famous shipwrecks this summer. The HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus left England in 1854 as part of the Franklin Expedition. In command was Sir John Franklin, a famous British naval officer and explorer.  Their mission? Find...


Mar 01 2019

Heroes and History

A new Heritage Minute came out February 20. These one-minute commercials capture important moments in Canadian history. The new one tells the story of the Vancouver Asahi. You’ll find the Asahi in Canada’s Baseball Hall of Fame. But most Canadians have never heard of...


Jan 11 2019

Cutting the Angle

An anonymous petition wants to hand over part of Minnesota to Canada. The Northwest Angle is technically part of the United States. But this tiny piece of land isn’t even connected to Minnesota. It’s wedged between Manitoba and Ontario. To drive there, you have to...


Nov 16 2018

The Beaucours Ramparts

In October, a Quebec City construction crew dug up something strange. They found an old piece of wood sticking out of the ground. What’s so strange about that? That old wood is part of a 20-metre wall.  And why is that so special? The wall is 325 years old! Quebec City...


Oct 19 2018

The Sword Maiden of Sweden

Have you ever hunted for treasure at the beach, looking for stones to skip or pretty shells? Last summer, eight-year-old Saga Vanacek found more than she expected. She discovered a 1500-year-old sword. Saga was wading in Lake Vidöstern, Sweden. The water was only knee-...


May 25 2018

Planting Memories

Oak trees will be planted at 24 Ottawa high schools this spring. They’re not just any trees. They’re a living piece of Canadian history. These are Vimy Oaks. Vimy Ridge is a long, low hill in France. It was once covered with trees. Then came the First World War. This...


Nov 10 2017

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

A team of archaeologists has discovered the world’s oldest paper. These scraps of Egyptian papyrus helped answer an important question. How were the pyramids built? It’s a mystery that’s puzzled people for years. Who knew they’d find the key in an old diary? Ancient...