Mar 12 2021

When the Chips are Down

Hoping to get a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X? Good luck! The new gaming systems launched in November, but they’re not landing in many homes. They are in short supply around the world. Why are they so hard to get? There’s a global computer chip shortage. Computer...


Jan 29 2021

Gaming the Pandemic

Canadians have spent a lot of time and money on video games during the pandemic. That’s not surprising. When businesses and schools shut down last March, many of us were left with extra free time. We couldn’t play or watch sports. We couldn’t go to shows or concerts or...


Oct 25 2019

Brave New World

“What happened to Fortnite?” The world’s most popular online game blew up October 13. Literally. Epic Games ended Season 10 with an exciting live event, complete with rockets and a meteor collision. Then it took the game down for maintenance. The shutdown left millions...


May 17 2019

A “Smart” Idea

Everywhere you look today, smart devices communicate with us—and each other. Smart phones. Smart boards. Smart homes and smart cars. Even smart gloves. Wait—a smart glove? That’s right. This high-tech device isn’t for keeping your hands warm when you text. It’s for...


Feb 08 2019

Charged Up for Tomorrow

The key to reducing climate change is cleaner, greener energy. The key to unlocking that energy is a bigger, better battery. There’s just one problem. We don’t have one. Ordinary batteries can only hold a little energy – enough for phones and laptops and cars. We need...


Feb 16 2018

To Infinity… and Beyond!

On February 6, Cape Canaveral in Florida held a very special event. SpaceX was test launching the world’s biggest, most powerful rocket. Over 100,000 people came to watch. For eight years, SpaceX has used the Falcon 9 rocket to send up satellites and take cargo to the...


The sKan, a skin cancer detection device. (Photo courtesy James Dyson Award.)
Nov 17 2017

A sKan for Skin Cancer

Four engineering grads from McMaster University in Ontario have come up with a cool idea. It’s a handheld sensor that spots skin cancer. They call it the sKan. The team sent their design for the sKan to the 2017 James Dyson Award. Students around the world entered this...


Oct 20 2017

Au Revoir to Gassing Up

Paris is tired of air pollution. The French city is solving the problem at the source—internal combustion engines. That’s the engine found in most cars and trucks. Internal combustion engines burn gas or diesel fuel. But fossil fuels are dirty. The exhaust fumes...


Sep 15 2017

Two Hundred Years on Two Wheels

The bicycle turns 200 this year. Karl Drais, a German inventor, came up with the two-wheeler to solve a transportation problem. Before bikes were invented, there were no cars or trucks. For most folks, the only way to travel and carry goods was on foot. Some people...


Mar 03 2017

Busy Signal

Could you take a break from your cell phone? Students at Herring Cove Junior High found out the hard way last month when their school temporarily banned cell phones. The one-week phone ban was an experiment, suggested by a Grade 8 teacher. Would texting less help her...


Jan 27 2017

Shining Brightly

Ann Makosinski comes up with bright ideas. A flashlight that runs on body heat. A battery-free headlamp. A coffee mug that charges your phone.   Now the 19-year-old inventor has been named one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 for 2017. Forbes gives this honour to...


Photo courtesy of NASA via Wikimedia Commons.
Nov 13 2015

15 Years in Orbit

November 2 was a special day for the International Space Station (ISS). On that day, the orbiting space lab marked 15 straight years of being a home away from home for astronauts. The ISS is the largest spacecraft ever built. It’s as big as a football field. But it...