Dec 17 2020

Taking a Shot at COVID-19

Good news! The first doses of a coronavirus vaccine arrive in Canada this week. “This will be the biggest immunization in the history of the country,” said Prime Minister Trudeau. “We should be able to have a majority of Canadians vaccinated by next September.” Health...


Nov 06 2020

A Name Change for Asbestos

Asbestos, Quebec is changing its name. Why? Because it’s named after a mineral that kills 100,000 people a year. That’s not a great selling point for a town that’s trying to attract business. Asbestos is a strong, fireproof mineral. It’s made up of long, silky fibres....


Apr 10 2020

Leading By Example

It’s hard work leading a country during a global pandemic. Imagine what it’s like to care for three kids under 12 at the same time. That’s the challenge Prime Minister Trudeau faced last month when his wife came down with COVID-19. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau picked up the...


Apr 02 2020

Keep Your Distance

The new coronavirus is giving most Canadian kids the longest spring break ever. Sounds awesome, right?  Not when it means there’s nowhere to go and no one to hang out with. No sports, theatres, shopping malls, or events. Even many parks and playgrounds are closed. What...


Mar 27 2020

Suds Up!

Everywhere you go lately, someone reminds you to wash your hands. What difference does it make? Soap and water can’t fight a global pandemic. It can, actually. In fact, handwashing stops COVID-19 in its tracks. The coronavirus can only make you sick if it finds a way...


Mar 20 2020

How to Squash a Pandemic

Actor Tom Hanks has it. A few professional basketball and soccer players caught it. So did Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, the wife of our prime minister. It’s COVID-19. Three months ago, no one had ever heard of this new coronavirus. Now it’s a global pandemic. The virus...


Mar 15 2019

Take Your Best Shot

Vaccines are one of the biggest public health advances of the 20th century. You may think of them as a shot in the arm. But when they were first developed, many parents around the world saw them as a lifesaver. They spelled an end to quarantine signs. To the fear that...


Feb 01 2019

Food for Thought

Health Canada served up a new Canada’s Food Guide in January. This updated guide for healthy eating was introduced January 22. Canadians will notice a few changes. Like the 2007 version, the new Canada’s Food Guide tells us what to eat and what not to eat. But it also...


Jan 18 2019

Move It!

Students at Roland School in Manitoba have a fun new way to boost their fitness and “shake their sillies out.” They just follow the Sensory Path.  The Sensory Path was once an ordinary hall lined with lockers. Now it’s a 35-metre fitness trail.  Colourful stickers on...


A variety of processed foods that can contain trans fat.
Aug 24 2018

TRANS-forming Canada’s diet

Something’s changing about the food we eat. As of September 15, it won’t contain artificial trans fat. What’s trans fat? It’s a man-made, artery-clogging recipe for a shorter life. Food contains different kinds of fat. Some fats are good for us. They raise the amount...


May 04 2018

Better to Give Than Receive

Beatrice Janyk is 95 years old. Most people call her Granny Bea. But Canadian Blood Services calls her a hero. The B.C. senior has been saving lives for 70 years. She is Canada’s oldest blood donor. Granny Bea pops into her local blood donor clinic every few months....


Apr 27 2018

Drugs Versus Bugs

Bacteria are all around us. In the earth. In the water. Even in our bodies. Most of these one-celled organisms are harmless. Some even help us, like the ones that live in our gut. But certain bacteria make us sick. When our body can’t fight off a bacterial infection,...