Apr 01 2021

Sick of Eating Garbage

What wild animal looks like a dog, can live in the city, and yips at night? If you guessed a coyote, you’re right. You may never have seen an urban coyote. These shy members of the dog family usually avoid people. The prefer the wild side of the city – parks and wooded...


Oct 02 2020

Bye-bye, Birdy

Fall is here. The days are getting shorter and cooler. And everywhere you look, birds are on the move. Long, honking vees of Canada Geese wing across the skies. Turkey vultures soar by the dozens. Flocks of songbirds gather in gardens and at feeders, then fly off. They...


Aug 28 2020

Saving Seahorses

Amanda Vincent has been protecting seahorses for her whole career. In May, her work was rewarded. The B.C. marine biologist won the $250,000 (US) Indianapolis Prize. She’s the first marine biologist to win this important conservation award. “I’m absolutely thrilled....


May 21 2020

Back in the Swim

Goody the sea turtle can swim again! Years ago, Goody got tangled in a fishing net and lost a front flipper. She couldn’t go back to the ocean. With just three flippers, she could hardly swim. She’d be an easy meal for predators. So Goody had to live in captivity with...


Apr 17 2020

A Fine Kettle of Fish

When a landslide blocked B.C.’s Fraser River, it was a disaster for spawning salmon. Biologists were worried. If adult salmon couldn’t get past the slide, they would die without spawning. Biologists found an unusual solution. They used a stash of 20-year-old sperm to...


Dec 06 2019

Busting Out of the Whale Jail

One year ago, a troubling video hit the Internet. Drone footage showed orcas and belugas – a hundred or more. They were all crammed into tiny sea pens on the Pacific coast of Russia. Winter was coming. The sea water was icing up. How would they survive? The “whale jail...


May 31 2019

The Big Pig Problem

Canada has a wild boar problem. A big one. Wild boars aren’t native to Canada. These wild pigs were imported from Europe in the 1980s and 1990s. Farmers planned to raise them for meat or as game for hunters. But the big porkers had other plans. Many of them escaped...


Apr 18 2019

The Cat Came Back

Most endangered species fight a losing battle with extinction. Many big cats, like the leopard and cheetah, may disappear within 10 years. Not the Siberian tiger. It’s fighting back. Tigers are the world’s largest cats. The Siberian (or Amur) tiger is the biggest...


Nov 23 2018

Mountain Gorilla Population Climbs

Good news for the mountain gorilla! It recently moved from “critically endangered” to “endangered” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. When so many species are going extinct, mountain gorillas are slowly bouncing back. In 1997, just 624 lived in the wild. By...


Oct 12 2018

Bat Rescue

Scientists in Nova Scotia are on an undercover mission. They’re staking out a secret spot. Who are they spying on? Bats. But not just any bats. This colony of flying mammals has survived white nose syndrome (WNS). WNS is like the zombie apocalypse. It has killed seven...


Apr 20 2018

The Need for Milkweed

Do you know where monarch butterflies spend the winter? They don’t curl up in a den like bears. They don’t turn white like snowshoe hares. Monarchs fly south. As fall sets in, monarchs from across North America head for their winter colonies. The colonies are in Mexico...


Apr 13 2018

Panda Time at the Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo just got a very special delivery. Cute and cuddly pandas! The giant pandas are on a ten-year loan from China. Toronto had them for the first five years. Now it’s Calgary’s turn. Why all the excitement? You don’t see pandas in many zoos. The loans are...