May 2021


May 28 2021

Olympic Dreams

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the biggest sporting event in the world. More than 11,000 athletes from 200 countries compete.


May 21 2021

Cicada Invasion!

What’s red and black and seen all over? Millions and millions of cicadas. These big chunky insects are popping out of the ground across the eastern U.S. And they were all born exactly 17 years ago.


May 14 2021

B.C. Teen Creates Birding Game

A young B.C. birder is sharing his hobby with kids and families. Virtually, of course. It’s an online birding game for kids and teens.


Mycelium leather. (Photo by Lindsey Filowitz, courtesy of MycoWorks)
May 07 2021

Miracle Material

Biotech companies have found an eco-friendly alternative to make leather. Mylo is sustainable. It’s biodegradable. It’s fast and easy to make. Where does this miracle material come from? The humble mushroom. It’s not made from the part that you eat. That’s the fruit of...