February 2021


Feb 26 2021

Playing for a Cure

The World’s Longest Hockey Game has set a new world record. The puck dropped February 4 at an outdoor rink near Edmonton. The two teams played nonstop for 252 hours in -40 to -55°C cold. It was so cold that skate blades broke. Hockey sticks and more than 50 pucks...


Feb 19 2021

Building a Technicolour Bookshelf

Sofia Rathjen loves to read. But the Alberta Grade 8 student noticed something missing from the books at her school library. Not many characters look like her. Sofia is part European, part Latina, and part Afro-Colombian. She’s read lots of books about people of colour...


Feb 12 2021

Shooting Star

It’s been an unusual year for the Toronto Raptors. Thanks to the pandemic, the NBA season started two months late. It’s ten games shorter than usual, too.  The Toronto franchise has had its highs and lows so far. The first blow was learning the team couldn’t play in...


Feb 05 2021

Mount Merapi Erupts

Mount Merapi, Indonesia’s most active volcano, erupted January 27. The blast could be heard 30 kilometres away. For four hours, the volcano spat out red-hot rock and ash. A hot cloud of gas rushed down the slope, coating everything in grey ash. Lava spilled out of the...