January 2021


Jan 29 2021

Gaming the Pandemic

Canadians have spent a lot of time and money on video games during the pandemic. That’s not surprising. When businesses and schools shut down last March, many of us were left with extra free time. We couldn’t play or watch sports. We couldn’t go to shows or concerts or...


Photo credit: Government of Yukon
Jan 22 2021

Ice Age Wolf Pup Found in Yukon

Four years ago, a Yukon gold miner made a cool discovery. It was the tiny perfect body of a wolf pup! He found the pup frozen in the permafrost. He knew it must be really old. So he put it in a freezer and called Yukon Paleontology. It’s the oldest, most complete wolf...


Jan 15 2021

Ribbon Skirt Awareness

December 18 was formal day at Bella Kulak’s school in Kamsack, Saskatchewan. The 10-year-old Cote First Nation girl decided to wear a traditional ribbon skirt. Many Indigenous women and girls wear these colourful, handmade skirts. They are a symbol of their strength...


Jan 08 2021

They Desire a Better Country

The Order of Canada is one of our country’s highest honours. The Order’s motto is “They desire a better country.” Canadians who make a difference are chosen to belong to it. The Order of Canada was created in 1967. Since then, more than 7000 Canadians have been...