February 2020


In this photo taken on January 16, 2020, two Samburu men who work for a county disaster team identifying the location of the locusts are surrounded by a swarm of desert locusts filling the air, near the village of Sissia, in Samburu county, Kenya.
Feb 28 2020

Swarmed by Locusts

East Africa has a big locust problem. These hungry grasshoppers travel in giant swarms. They’re invading country after country. They eat everything in their path. It’s the worst year for locusts in decades. If they can’t be stopped, crops will be wiped out. Livestock...


Feb 21 2020

Special Delivery

Fred Arsenault turns 100 next month. The Toronto veteran loves getting mail. So his son Ron planned a special birthday surprise. “He said he’d love to get some birthday cards,” says Ron. “So I thought, well, let’s get him some birthday cards.” He took a picture of his...


Feb 14 2020

We Read Canadian

On February 19, people across the country will read books by Canadian authors. Why? It’s I Read Canadian Day. This brand-new day reminds us that Canadians write great books for young people. Canadian children’s books win tons of awards, all around the world. But over...