December 2019


Dec 17 2019

Say Hi to Some Lonely Languages

Everywhere you go, people say hello. “Welcome, my friend.” “Peace be unto you.” “Here you are.” “Have you eaten?” The words are different. But they all mean “hello.”


Dec 13 2019

Turning Trash Into Treasure

A group of Kelowna high school students came up with a great way to recycle plastic. But it’s not easy to take an idea from the drawing board to production. Most start-ups need a little seed money to succeed.   So the students took their project to The Dragons’ Den....


Dec 06 2019

Busting Out of the Whale Jail

One year ago, a troubling video hit the Internet. Drone footage showed orcas and belugas – a hundred or more. They were all crammed into tiny sea pens on the Pacific coast of Russia. Winter was coming. The sea water was icing up. How would they survive? The “whale jail...