November 2019


Nov 29 2019

Staying Afloat in Venice

Venice is flooded. That’s not unusual for the Italian city. You get used to wet feet and puddles when your home is at sea level. There’s even a name for these extra-high tides – acqua alta. It means “high water” in Italian. But in November, the Floating City was...


Nov 22 2019

A Slam Dunk Future

Not everyone can dunk a basketball. You need talent, strength, and timing to develop this crowd-pleasing shot. A little height helps, too. Toby Fournier has it all. Toby doesn’t play for Team Canada or the WNBA – yet. She’s only 14. But this rising star already dunks...


An artist’s rendering of the ancient rhino, by Julius Csotonyi via MSN.
Nov 18 2019

When Rhinos Roamed the Yukon

In 1973, a Yukon teacher scooped up a handful of shiny stones on a school field trip. Those “stones” were tooth and bone fragments. They are eight million years old. And the teeth belonged to an ancient rhino! The discovery almost didn’t happen. The teacher put the...


The Interceptor. (Photo courtesy The Ocean Cleanup.)
Nov 08 2019

Turning Off the Tap on Plastic

Boyan Slat has done it again. The young Dutch inventor found a way to clean plastic out of the oceans. Now he’s found a way to keep it from getting there. When plastic ends up in the ocean, the wind and currents carry it out to sea. It collects in one of five swirling...


Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on election night.
Nov 01 2019

A New Government

The federal election is over. And what an exciting election it was! It was the closest election in recent history. The Liberals and Conservatives were tied in the polls when the election was called. They stayed neck and neck for the 40-day campaign. A record number of...