May 2019


May 31 2019

The Big Pig Problem

Canada has a wild boar problem. A big one. Wild boars aren’t native to Canada. These wild pigs were imported from Europe in the 1980s and 1990s. Farmers planned to raise them for meat or as game for hunters. But the big porkers had other plans. Many of them escaped...


May 24 2019

Raptors Take Their Best Shot

Canada’s only NBA team is shooting for the top. For the second year in a row, the Toronto Raptors came out of the regular season in second place. The team’s 58-24 record is just one win short of last year’s best-ever finish. Now the Raps are just a seven-game series...


May 17 2019

A “Smart” Idea

Everywhere you look today, smart devices communicate with us—and each other. Smart phones. Smart boards. Smart homes and smart cars. Even smart gloves. Wait—a smart glove? That’s right. This high-tech device isn’t for keeping your hands warm when you text. It’s for...


May 10 2019

Water, Water, Everywhere

April showers didn’t bring flowers to communities in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick this year. They brought major flooding. Many areas of Eastern Canada received heavy rain last month. Some rivers and lakes couldn’t hold any more water. They were already full of...


May 03 2019

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

A new trend is sweeping the Internet. It’s called the #TrashTag Challenge. It all started March 5, when an Arizona man spotted an inspiring Facebook post. It showed a man posing with nine bags of garbage in a wooded area. It also had a photo of the area before he...