December 2017


Dec 15 2017

Smelling Out Danger

Who’s the newest star of the animal kingdom? It’s the African giant pouched rat, better known as the HeroRAT. Giant (gulp!) rats? They’re only the size of a cat. But these rodents do big work. They save people from two major killers. Their first job is finding hidden...


The Himalayan brown bear. (Abdullah Khan/Snow Leopard Foundation)
Dec 08 2017

The Abominable Snowbear

Quick! What’s wild and shaggy and lives in the Himalayas? Did you guess the yeti? Legends say this man-beast hides out in the mountains between Tibet and Nepal. Folks claim they’ve seen one or spotted its tracks. Some have even snapped pictures. But are yetis real?


Dec 01 2017

Levi’s Levidromes

Have you ever heard of a “levidrome”? A boy from Victoria, B.C. invented the word. It’s so new, you won’t find it in the dictionary. Not yet, at least. Levi Budd is six. He loves to play with words. When he was four, he noticed something cool about Snakey Bob, his...