June 2017


Naomi Prohaska with her father at the summit of Mount Logan.
Jun 16 2017

Feeling on Top of the World

Nothing’s impossible if you set your mind to it. Just ask 15-year-old Naomi Prohaska. She’s the youngest person to climb to the top of Canada’s highest mountain.  Summiting Mount Logan is no small feat. The Yukon mountain rises from the biggest nonpolar ice fields in...


Jun 09 2017

Bringing Down the Big Top

There’s something magical about the circus. Death-defying feats, performing animals, goofy clowns, graceful trapeze artists. It all starts when the ringmaster steps into the spotlight, wearing a jaunty top hat. “Ladies and gentlemen. Children of all ages. Welcome to...


Jun 01 2017

Still in Motion

It’s been 30 years since Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion Tour. On his tour he did something no one has ever done before. He travelled around the world by wheelchair. Can you imagine? Rick wheeled through 34 countries on four continents. He saw the Great Wall of China and...