May 2017


Plastic debris on East Beach, Henderson Island. [Photo by Jennifer Lavers]
May 26 2017

Paradise Lost

Have you ever heard of Henderson Island? Probably not. It’s tiny. No one lives there. Almost no one goes there. It’s just a tiny dot on the map, halfway between New Zealand and Chile. In 1988, that tiny dot on the map became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Why? Because...


May 19 2017

Ketchup Wars

Last year, an Orillia man started a ketchup war. How? With a Facebook post. He told people to stop buying Heinz. Get French’s instead, he said. His post went viral. Canadians love ketchup. We eat more per person than every country but Finland. You can find a bottle in...


May 12 2017

TED Talk Surprise

TED conferences bring in big-name speakers. The top scientists and thinkers. World leaders. Sports heroes and artists and movie stars. But at last month’s event in Vancouver, organizers promised something extra-special. A mystery guest. “Who is it?” everyone wondered....


May 05 2017


Canada geese are party animals. They migrate together in big Vs. They waddle around together. They eat together, too. Cornfields are the perfect place for a goose party. There’s room for thousands of geese. Predators can’t sneak up on them. And waste corn is all over...