February 2017


Feb 24 2017

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Say goodbye to tired-looking apple slices and ugly bruises. Say hello to the Arctic apple. Its flesh stays white long after you cut it up.   Slice it up and put it in your lunch bag. Take your time eating it. This apple won’t turn brown. Not for days. Not for weeks!  


Feb 17 2017

My, You’ve Grown, Canada!

t’s official. Canada’s population has hit 35 million. That’s ten times bigger than it was in 1871! How do we know this? The 2016 census told us. Every five years, the government collects information from every household in Canada. The census asks questions about the...


Feb 10 2017

Swallowed by the Waves

Sharks lost their biggest champion last week. Rob Stewart, a Toronto filmmaker and conservationist, died while diving. You wouldn’t think sharks need a hero. They’re apex predators. Kings of the ocean. They’re man-eaters, right?


Feb 03 2017

A Spoonful of Sugar

Everyone knows you shouldn’t eat too much sugar. But how much sugar are you eating? The easy answer is “too much.” Many foods contain natural sugar. You can taste the sweetness when you bite into an apple or banana. A glass of milk has the same amount of sugar as these...