January 2017


Jan 27 2017

Shining Brightly

Ann Makosinski comes up with bright ideas. A flashlight that runs on body heat. A battery-free headlamp. A coffee mug that charges your phone.   Now the 19-year-old inventor has been named one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 for 2017. Forbes gives this honour to...


Jan 20 2017

Partners in Science

The world is fighting climate change. Glaciers are melting, oceans are warming and sea levels are rising. Scientists are working hard to find ways to slow these changes and deal with the challenges they bring. Canada’s Indigenous people are contributing their unique...


Jan 13 2017

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Canada’s having a birthday party. Everyone’s invited. Get ready for a year of celebrations across the country. After all, how often does a country turn 150? Canada wasn’t very big back in 1867. It consisted of just four provinces and three million people. But then...