December 2016


Dec 16 2016

The Next Queen of the Ten

Move over, Sir John A. Macdonald. Make way for Viola Desmond. She’s taking your place on the ten-dollar bill. For years, the Queen has been the only female face on Canadian banknotes. But early in 2016, the government announced that it wanted to honour a Canadian woman...


Dec 09 2016

Helping the Hungry

Have you ever wondered what happens to food bank donations? A jar of peanut butter might make sandwiches for a family of five. A box of pasta might feed a grandma, living on a pension. A carton of Cheerios could go to a college student. Baby formula and diapers could...


Dec 02 2016

Top Price Paid for Mountaintop

Mountain Forms by Lawren Harris was sold at auction in Toronto on November 23. It was a big painting by a big Canadian artist. It sold for a very big price. The auction was over in just three minutes. The auctioneer looked around for any final bids. “Selling. Selling...