October 2016


Oct 28 2016

Baby Boom

Oh, baby! It’s been a busy two years for British Columbia’s orcas. The clan of orcas known as southern resident killer whales had a baby boom in 2015. Ten new calves were born. “We haven’t had a year like this since 1977, when we had nine,” says Michael Harris,...


Oct 20 2016

Hit by a Hurricane

One of the worst hurricanes in history struck this month. It barreled through Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas. Then it stomped up the Atlantic Coast as far as North Carolina. These storms are the world’s deadliest natural disasters. The average hurricane releases as much...


Oct 14 2016

From Fashion Model to Role Model

Emm Arruda wanted to be a model. She dreamed of strolling down a Paris runway in the latest fashions. Dior. Chanel. Valentino. Louis Vuitton. Instead, the fourteen-year-old Ontario teen wore baggy clothes to hide the curve in her spine. How could she model with...


Oct 07 2016

No Bad Dogs?

Montreal passed a new law on September 27 that has some dog-lovers barking mad. It’s a ban on pit bulls. What’s a pit bull? It’s a name given to a group of bull terrier breeds. These dogs share certain characteristics. They usually have a squared head, powerful body…