May 2016


May 27 2016

If You Feed Bacteria Some Plastic…

A recycling plant in Japan is getting a little extra help from hungry bacteria – that like to snack on plastic. Researchers discovered the tiny microbe living in soil and sludge samples. Ideonella sakaiensis can break down PET, the plastic used in water bottles. The...


May 20 2016

Census 2016: Canada Counts

May 10 was Census Day in Canada. Canadians take this important survey every five years. A government agency called Statistics Canada runs the census. The survey collects data about every man, woman and child living in Canada. These “people statistics” are called...


A giant fireball is seen as a wildfire rips through the forest 16 kilometres south of Fort McMurray, Alberta on May 7, 2016. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward)
May 13 2016

Fort McMurray Burns

Your town is on fire. The flames are racing your way. You have one backpack and 15 minutes. What will you take? That was the situation in Fort McMurray this month. Wildfires swept into the northern Alberta town. People were told to grab what they could and go…


May 06 2016

The Play's the Thing

Knock knock. Who’s there? Shakespeare. Shakespeare who? For goodness’ sake. Surely you’ve heard of William Shakespeare. The famous British playwright and poet died 400 years ago. But people still read, perform and study his work today. So who is this great…