February 2016


Marley Dias. (Photo via Fox News.)
Feb 26 2016

Hungry for Diversity

Marley Dias loves to read. But the eleven-year-old New Jersey girl was frustrated. The only books her teacher assigned were about “white boys and their dogs.” Shiloh. Where the Red Fern Grows. Where were the stories that starred strong black girls like her…


DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors (10) goes up for a slam dunk during the first half of the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto on February 14, 2016. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Mark Blinch)
Feb 19 2016

NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA All-Star Weekend came to Toronto this year. The event took place over three days, from February 12-14. It was hosted by the only non-American NBA team—the Raptors. Toronto gave participants a warm Canadian welcome. The All-Star Weekend was…


Aedes aegypti mosquitoes float in a mosquito cage at a laboratory in Cucuta, Colombia, on February 11, 2016. The Aedes aegypti mosquito transmits the Zika virus, as well as two other diseases, dengue and chikungunya. (AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan)
Feb 12 2016

Deadly Buzz About Zika

Mosquitoes! Their itchy bites. That annoying whine. The little bloodsuckers can ruin a camping trip. But in many parts of the world, mosquito bites don’t just drive you crazy. They can make you sick. Mosquitoes carry diseases. Malaria. Yellow fever. Dengue. And now the...


Feb 05 2016

The Gas Game

Why do gas prices keep changing? Sometimes they’re high. Sometimes they’re low. It’s so unpredictable! One factor that affects the price at the pump is the price of the oil that gas is made from. The price of oil rises and falls based on supply and demand. When oil is…