December 2015


Members of groups who are sponsoring two Syrian refugee families hold up signs welcoming their charges as they wait for the families to arrive at Toronto's Pearson Airport on December 9, 2015. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young)
Dec 11 2015

Welcome Home!

Imagine you’re a Syrian refugee. Your family lives in a plywood box with muddy floors. The walls are covered in plastic to keep out the rain and snow. There’s no kitchen. No bathroom. No beds. You’re hungry all the time, because your family doesn’t have much food. You…


Dimetrodon. (Image via Wikimedia Commons.)
Dec 04 2015

A New Name for Old Bones

The year was 1845. A PEI farmer was digging a new well. The old farmer pulled out a big rock. Then something caught his eye. Bones. Teeth. Trapped right in the sandstone. He stared down at it. Was that a fang? Impossible. It was longer than…