February 2015


A boy's cooking club at Azabu High School, where home economics is mandatory. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)
Feb 27 2015

Lunch and Learn

Every day is a special lunch day for students in Japan. Their schools teach reading with recipes and math with measuring spoons. Tasty, healthy meals are part of the curriculum. It’s all part of shoku-iku. Shoku-iku means “food education.” It’s a Japanese education...


A dead laysan albatross chick, showing a belly full of plastic garbage. (Photo courtesy Claire Fackler via Wikimedia Commons.)
Feb 20 2015

A Sea of Plastic

More than 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris float in the world’s oceans. Plastic bags and water bottles. Bottle caps, straws and takeout containers. Shoes and toys and cigarette butts. Fishnets – even boats. Plastics kill a million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals...


Feb 13 2015

Join the Herd

What would you bring home from a trip to Disneyland? Mickey Mouse ears? A t-shirt? How about a case of the measles? That’s what over 100 visitors got at the California theme park in January. Mickey fans aren’t the only ones catching measles. Cases popped up this month…


Feb 06 2015

One Mammoth Step for Science

What if you could reverse extinction? Would you? Should you? It sounds like a movie trailer for Jurassic Park. But it’s not. Modern technology is catching up to the 1993 film. Scientists can’t bring back T. rex. But they are looking at cloning the woolly mammoth…