May 2014


Olympian Clara Hughes takes part in Clara's Big Ride in Toronto, Ontario, on March 14, 2014. The campaign is aimed at promoting mental health. (Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail)
May 30 2014

Clara's Big Ride

Clara Hughes has earned six Olympic medals. She competed fiercely in five Olympic Games. But the fearless Canadian was depressed for two years before she told someone. She was afraid to admit it. She’s not afraid anymore. Clara is sharing her story in every province…


The senior curator at the Royal Ontario Museum, and his team, cut up the carcass of a blue whale in Newfoundland on May 10, 2014. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Daly)
May 23 2014

A Whale of a Job

On March 24, planes spotted the bodies of nine blue whales. They were crushed in the ice off the coast of Newfoundland. Two weeks later, two of the whales washed up in Trout River and Rocky Harbour. The tiny Newfoundland fishing villages faced a huge dilemma. What do...


Author Farley Mowat in the room where he did most of his writing. It is on the second floor of a house that he owned near his main residence. Picture taken on October 31, 2002. (Photo by Tibor Kolley.)
May 15 2014

Farley Mowat Puts Down His Pen

On May 6, author Farley Mowat passed away. Canada lost a master storyteller that day. And Mother Nature lost a devoted friend. Farley Mowat devoted his life to writing about nature. He said it was “the only subject I really wanted to write…


Blair McMillan shows off his pink ghetto blaster outside his home.
May 09 2014

A Year Without Technology

Do your parents tell stories that begin, “When I was a kid…”? Blair McMillan and Morgan Patey skipped telling their kids the stories. They showed them instead. The Ontario family took a virtual time machine to the year 1986. For one whole year, they traded…


The NeXT cube computer on which Sir Tim Berners-Lee devised the World Wide Web, on display at Science Museum, London. ( Photo by Geoff Pugh.)
May 02 2014

Happy Birthday, World Wide Web!

Twenty-five years ago, the world got a new tool. It changed the way we learn and shop and communicate. It’s the World Wide Web. Imagine a world without the Web. A time before Google and Facebook. Before YouTube and iTunes. A time before websites and…