March 2014


Space debris in orbit around the Earth. (Photo by REX/European Space Agency)
Mar 28 2014

Clean Up Your Junk!

Earth’s orbit is a garbage dump. Broken satellites. Old rocket sections. Nuts and bolts. Bits and pieces of space junk. Scientists in Australia have a plan to take out this trash. They want to zap it out of the sky with lasers. It’s pretty crowded up there, especially...


Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomes home members of the Canadian Armed Forces returning from Canada’s mission in Afghanistan on March 18, 2014. (Photo courtesy of the Prime Minister’s website:
Mar 21 2014

Leaving Afghanistan

It’s been 12 long years since Canadian soldiers first went to Afghanistan. In March, the last 100 soldiers lowered the Canadian flag. They left the small south Asian country for good. It was Canada’s longest war. Over 40,000 Canadian soldiers served there. And 158 of...


Iditarod champion Mitch Seavey drives his team through Anchorage, Alaska during the ceremonial start of the 2014 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race on  March 1. (AP Photo/Dan Joling)
Mar 14 2014


It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It tests the mind as much as the body. It pits human and animal against the wilderness and weather. It’s the Iditarod. The world’s most famous dogsled race takes place in Alaska every March. It starts in Anchorage. It ends 1,600...


Cindy Tang, 17, winner of the Doodle 4 Google contest, poses with her work at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto on Tuesday February 25, 2014. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Angela Hennessy)
Mar 07 2014

Dreaming Up a Doodle

Imagine you could invent anything. What would it be? That’s the question Google asked Canadian students in the first Doodle 4 Google contest last October. Students from kindergarten to grade 12 put on their thinking caps. Then they grabbed their art supplies and got...