December 2013


Employees of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service hold Asian carp. (Source: Wikimedia Commons.)
Dec 14 2013

Asian Carp Angling for a Foothold

Disaster is swimming our way. Asian carp are about to invade the Great Lakes. Asian carp? Seriously? How dangerous can a fish be? Anglers on the Mississippi River will tell you. These big hungry fish ruined their…


Two polar bears go paw to paw in the snow at Wapusk National Park. (Photo by Andrey Gudkov/Solent News / Rex Features.)
Dec 06 2013

Polar Bear Cams Recruit Citizen Scientis...

How would you like to study polar bears? No travel required. No ice and snow. No danger of becoming “dinner.” All you need to do is tune in to a polar bear cam and snap pictures if you see a bear. This fall, web-surfers did just that. They watched a big polar bear…