June 2013


Arvind Mahankali watches as confetti falls after he won the National Spelling Bee on May 30, 2013. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
Jun 20 2013

The World's Toughest Spelling Test

How many words do you memorize for your weekly spelling test? A handful? Imagine memorizing a dictionary-full. Then imagine taking the test on a stage. A huge crowd and a TV audience will be watching. You can’t spell even one word wrong. That’s the Scripps National…


Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
Jun 11 2013

Canadian Kids Get a 'D' For To...

Want to get better marks and spend more time with your friends? Take a hike. No, really! Walk or bike to school instead of getting a drive. Active Healthy Kids Canada (AHKC) says too many parents drive their children to school…


Mars, the Red Planet. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons.)
Jun 05 2013

One-Way Ticket to Mars

Wanted: Interplanetary pioneers. First humans to set foot on Mars. Will build first Earth colony. May never see home again. Would you sign up for this mission? Mars One hopes so. In April, the Dutch company announced plans to build a colony on Mars in 2023. Two weeks...