May 2013


The ice shove that took place in Ochre Beach, Manitoba in early May was similar to this ice shove at Brighton Beach, Menasha, Wisconsin, United States, in March 2009.
May 25 2013

"Ice Tsunami" Flattens Manitob...

On Friday, May 10, families in Ochre Beach, Manitoba were just sitting down to dinner. The wind had blown across Dauphin Lake all day. It buffeted the lakefront homes and cottages at 80 kilometres an hour. But everyone was safe inside—or so they thought…


A customer holds a tray containing his lunch at a fast food outlet in Toronto. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young)
May 20 2013

Ban Junk Food Ads?

Silly rabbit—Trix are for kids! Drink Coke. Lay’s Potato Chips—betcha can’t eat just one. Super-size me. Kids view up to six junk food ads an hour. A coalition of 25 Canadian health agencies wants that to stop. Now. The group has written a report…


Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
May 13 2013

The Zipper Hits 100

Zippers. They fasten our jeans. They do up our coats. They close our backpacks and pencil cases and purses. You’re probably wearing a couple right now. But 100 years ago, no one had ever heard of zippers. People used buttons and hooks…


Marianas Trench performs during the 2013 Juno Awards in Regina on Sunday, April 21, 2013. Source: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Derek Mortensen.)
May 06 2013

The Stars Come Out

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Canada’s greatest musicians gave a giant rock concert and invited everyone in Canada to watch? They do, every spring. It’s called the Juno Awards. The 41st Annual Juno Awards were held this April at the Brandt Centre in Regina. A sold-out...